Friday, 3 December 2010

World Book Night book give-away

This is a very strange (but completely real) promotion.

As part of World Book Night on 5th March next year, British publishers are providing books for people to give away.

They've produced a list of 25 titles, ranging from poetry to fiction. Anyone can apply to receive a package of 48 copies of 1 title, and then give them away.

The titles include 6 of our previous reads - All Quiet On The Western Front, Beloved, Cloud Atlas, Life of Pi, Stuart - A Life Backwards, and Curious Case of the Dog in the Night Time, and one of our futures - One Day.

You need to fill in the application and say why you want the books, and who you'd give them to.
20,000 people will get to give away 48 books each.

See the books here

Apply to be a giver here

More background in this article in the Guardian