Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Links for the next meeting - Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Wikipedia gives the plot, and the background to the story

Spark Notes gives some context and explanations

Spark Notes also has some suggested questions, including:

"What role does social class play in Great Expectations? What lessons does Pip learn from his experience as a wealthy gentleman? How is the theme of social class central to the novel?"

A five star review on Amazon:

"This is my favourite Dickens novel. I would not dispute that several others are its equal but they do not pull at my heartstrings in quite the same way.I doubt seeing them knocked about on TV would have annoyed me quite so much."

& a one star review

"Does it make me a philistine that I thought this book was simply awful? I suspect not. This book is spectacularly dull; it's inane, directionless, confused, dreary, circumlocutory and self-indulgent. "

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