Monday, 23 March 2015

Links for the next meeting - Northanger Abbey by Val McDermid

Hannah says:

Inevitably, some bad reviews for what is seen as a lazy, pointless project!  But, we were talking about a teenage narrative written by an adult, and how successful this was during the last meeting. This, together with a modern interpretation of what was originally a satire at the time, makes Mcdermid's attempt an interesting critical read...!

I though it was quite fun, not a piece of writing to take seriously, yet still depicting the difficulties of a naive teenager trying to find her feet, albeit in a very different era!  And the Gothic element is fun this true Gothic, can the genre flex and alter without becoming unrecognisable?...a neo-Gothic, if you like...!

John Mullan, Jane Austin expert, in The New Statesman

Robert McCrum in The Guardian

Barry Forshaw, Gothic expert, in The Independent

A mostly positive review on a Jane Austin blog

A very positive blog review

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